Create a marketing plan that will attract more clients!

monthly marketing masterclasses that will grow your brand awareness, eliminate overwhelm, and skyrocket your business!


Have you fallen for these time and money-sucking marketing traps?

  • A subscription to a library of templated newsletters and lead generators (that everyone else is using and is in no way what your potential clients really need)

  • A trendy freebie to grow your business (that is getting all kinds of random people onto your email list that don’t care at all about your services- they just want free stuff)
  • The “It” course of the season (that costs hundreds, if not thousands and may start in a place far beyond what your business is ready for right now )

  • Posting all the pretty, unoriginal quotes on Instagram and going live on Facebook with all the random topics (that nobody cares about and the algorithm has basically made irrelevant)

Getting your brand noticed shouldn't be this hard!

And in the paper moon room it won't be!


Take a peek at the monthly masterclasses... (click me!)

Month #1 Get your service or product ready for clients by writing a sales page that sells!

Month #2 Grow your website traffic so future clients and customers find that sales page!

Month #3 Grow your email list full of future clients instead of people that like freebies and quizzes with a strategic lead generator!

Month#4 Create a simple (and not so simple) sales funnel for new email subscribers!

Month #5 Get even more website traffic by improving your site's search engine optimization!

Month #6 Turn website lurkers into clients by creating a captivating home page designed to convert!

Month #7 Create content that matters to your future clients and make them fall in love with you!

Month #8 Captivate more future clients by writing better emails!

Month #9 Gather testimonials that will sell your services for you.

Month #10 Position your brand as a premium experience with captivating visuals! Coming July 2019

All future classes TBD


Your investment: $27 a month

The real investment: No more confusion and overwhelm when it comes to marketing. You'll know exactly what to do because you’ll get a strategic action step delivered to you each month.

this is how the paper moon room has helped business owners just like you!

I had lots of different “pros” telling me where I needed to focus my energy and none of them were the same! I was frustrated, burned out and feeling pretty beat up! Now I’m confident that I can create my own strategy for marketing where I’m the boss and create achievable goals for myself. I love that each time I go back to view a video I hear new things or hear things that resonate in different ways. Amen for the a-ha moments!
My business is young and I had been struggling to find focus. I was floundering and suffering from shiny object syndrome as there was always another guru purporting to have answers to my questions. I was stuck in analysis paralysis, not making significant progress, and growing increasingly frustrated. Now I’ve found the momentum I desperately needed. I didn’t know how or where to start, but now I do. I am way ahead of where I was just a few months ago!

This is how simple growing your business will be:


1. watch

Send overwhelm packing because you’ll receive one actionable masterclass every month, and each builds upon the last so you’ll know your focusing on what’s important!


2. implement

You'll know exactly what to do each month. Ignore the rest and stay laser-focused. And these tasks aren’t fads, gimmicks, or fluff. They are proven to get results!


3. grow

Feel accomplished & rest your mind at ease knowing that what you've done will grow your business. And having a whole month to focus on just one thing means you know you’ve done it right!

Who's your guide to becoming a marketing jedi?


Hey there, space invader! I'm Steph, and I understand what it's like to start a business (I have my own online interior design studio) and have all kinds of marketing advice thrown at you from "experts" who've never flight-tested their own strategies- or already have thousands of email subscribers to support them.

I've taken all the courses, tried all the fads, and so much of it just didn't work (don't even get me started on the money I spent on a Snapchat filter)!  

I've gone through all the research, made all the mistakes, and figured out what will really get you more business so you don't have to.

Here's the Paper Moon Room Promise: 


The strategies will work.

Well, as long as you do. All the memberships and courses in the galaxy won't work if you don't put in the effort. And remember, these strategies take time- patience, young padawan.


This is a no-fluff zone.

I'll only give you content that I've flight tested with one of the Paper Moon team's four sites. No fads, no quick-fixes. Just the best strategies that will work with any size email list.


You can cancel anytime.

I'll miss you and you'll be welcome back anytime. Just don't forget that you'll lose your locked in rate if you decide to join us again, and you’ll start back at the beginning of the journey.


Are you ready to take one small step a month that will become one giant leap for your business?

If you are just starting your business or are wanting to grow your online presence and want to cut through all off the overwhelming, contradicting, social-media heavy, and sometimes downright horrible advice on how to grow your business, then this membership is for you.

If you’re ready to create content that matters to your future clients, write emails and sales pages that actually sell, and finally have a plan so your business gets more attention from the right people, it’s time you stepped inside The Paper Moon Room.