let's kick your business' digital marketing into hyperspace with a custom content constellation!


You're on Content Marketing Overload!

Does this sound like you?

  • You know you need to get content on your website like blogs and video, but you just don't know where to start or the best strategy to build your SEO and have it align with your big business goals- like making money.
  • You're fed up with social media- the algorithms, the popularity contests, the noise. You know the best way to grow your business is to get people to your website- but how?
  • The whole email marketing is so frustrating. What do you send? Why aren't people signing up? What's the best opt-in for your services?

What if you had content strategy that was custom tailored for your business?

Picture this…

  • You have a solid content marketing plan that works with your goals and your business plan.
  • You know the exact steps to take to strategically grow your website traffic and brand awareness and engagement.
  • You have a just-for-you plan to grow your email list in a way that makes sense for your business and the needs of your clients- no one-size-fits-all plan for you!

It’s time to join the content constellation mastermind!

Ms. Paper Moon Branding and Website Design Services | Stephanie Owens

 let's spend the summer together and propel your content, search, and email marketing into the stratosphere!

Content marketing courses out there are so one-size-fits all. They don't take into account where you're at in your business and who your ideal client is.

And while these courses provide office hours, how often do you actually go and get specific feedback on your needs? I'm guessing hardly, if ever!

If you want to move away from the rat race of social media and launch a customized digital marketing plan with small-group support and accountability, you're going to love the Content Constellation mastermind.


the summer mastermind lasts from
June 1st-august 31st

what will be in your content constellation?


Here's what's included in this Celestial Celebration!


We'll kick off the mastermind with the workshop everyone's been chatting about! With all the exercises from your Content Constellation notebook, we'll work together to come up with the perfect content marketing plan for your summer- one based on your schedule and your business needs. Completely custom!


Every week our small group will get together and check in on our content projects. We'll hold each other accountable, celebrate our growth, get questions answered, provide resources, and learn from one another. If you have any hangups while implementing your content plan, we'll be there to support you!


Not every business has the same needs, so I'll be putting together three master classes for the group based entirely on your needs. If everyone wants to boost their SEO, I've got you covered! Need some help with an email sequence for your opt-in- I'll get you the info you need. Want the details on the best types of blogging- let's do it!

---------Your investment---------


Strategic Planning + Guided Support + Accountability!

Let's Build Your Perfect Content Constellation!

Stephanie’s system for content planning has not only helped me get organized and become less overwhelmed, it has helped me understand that the content I spend my time and energy creating must support my goals for my business. That alone has been a game changer. BUT I have also hired Stephanie to help me one-on-one with a content project and OMG! Her ideas and insights are so specific and unique. Working with her made a project that would have taken me a month (or two!) to create take one week and the finished product was way better than what I would have come up with on my own.
— Jessica McClendon | Ms. Glamour Nest

Content Creation without a personalized strategy is taking your business nowhere!

  • You'll spend so much time creating affiliate links and a web shop, but without site traffic, nobody will even know you exist.
  • You'll keep asking for clients and purchases on social media and keep getting pushed further and further down people's feeds because you haven't invested in ads.
  • Nobody will sign up for your email list because your opt-in isn't exactly what they need.
  • You'll get shiny object syndrome- a blog post here, a video there, and oh hey, what about a webinar. And you'll get nothing done!

The Content Constellation is Perfect for You If...

  • You're tired of the social media rat race and shiny object syndrom. You want a plan that will work for your unique business.
  • You're ready to focus and crank out some epic content this summer instead of never checking anything off of your to-do list.
  • You're ready to invest the time and effort it will take to create a strategic content marketing plan. You know this is the best route for your business and that it won't happen overnight.
  • You're done with one-size-fits-all courses and coaching programs that are based on what someone else thinks your business needs. You want to create your own, brilliant Content Constellation!
Because of Stephanie, the copy for my newsletters has resulted in more clicks back to my website and turned lurkers into clients. I’ve also been able to connect with my community on social media due to the marketing tips I’ve implemented from her. You won’t be disappointed with a consult with Stephanie. Working with her is a surefire way to get your brand noticed and you hired!
— LeAnn Conway | Conway Image Consulting

By joining the Content Constellation you'll finally be able to…

  • Know the exact steps you need to take to build your site traffic and brand awareness and actually get it done!
  • Work on the long game of search engine and email marketing while everyone else is sucked into a social media coma- going nowhere.
  • Get traffic to your site, build your email list, and know exactly what your potenial clients need before spending hours putting together services and products they may not even want.
  • Have the coaching, support, and accountability you need to really skyrocket your business!

Who’s guiding you through this content constellation?

Oh, hey! I’m Steph, and content marketing used to be so confusing for me!

When I started I had no idea what was best for my business. Where should I start? Why weren't all the strategies working? And as a side hustler, I didn't have time for all of that. I needed a focused, strategic plan.

And then I got my groove on, ranked in those mad Google rankings, grew my blog and email list, and relied less and less on social media to get clients.

I know my perfect Content Constellation, and now I'm here to help you find yours!


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What if I have limited availability over the summer?

I'll be looking carefully over the applications to make sure the group members have similar availability. The more available you are, the better, but if you have a little vacation planned, we'll probably be able to schedule the coaching sessions around it! But at the end of the day, you could spend the next twelve weeks grasping at all the new shiny objects that are out there or try the same old strategies with no results, or you could implement a custom plan that will move your marketing efforts forward. You need to decide if giving up some of your summer is worth it for you.

+ Do I need to attend each coaching session, or can I watch the replays.

Each coaching session will be recorded for your reference, but to get the most out of the mastermind, you need to attend the coaching sessions live to get your questions answered and for accountability purposes. We want you to actually get your marketing plan done!

+What if I'm still building my website. Will this help?

This mastermind focuses on content creation, which includes your website! We can get your copy written, offerings built out, but it will be strategic and focused!

+This is a big investment for me. Any words of encouragement if this makes me nervous?

I know this is a big investment for you but that's a good thing! When I first started really investing in my business I was so scared- but I was also super determined to get my money's worth and go all in! Free advice will only get you so far, and there's nothing more motivating than having skin in the game!

+ Will I get feedback on my branding and marketing message?

This mastermind is focused on digital marketing. The best candidates will have an established brand and marketing message from the get-go. If you need branding help, I offer brand reviews and custom brand design here!

+ I've got tons of client work. What is the time commitment?

We'll have a kickoff party to get your cosmic content plan established, meet every two weeks for coaching, and have one monthly master class. As for the actual work, you plan your content creation for the summer. I'll help you determine what is the best and most realistic marketing strategy for you based on your time and resources.

+ I would like some one-on-one private coaching. Is this available?

It sure is! While the bulk of the Content Constellation is going to be small group, I will be offering one-on-one private coaching to people within the group at my hourly rate (something I don't offer anywhere else)! You can indicate that you're interested in additional private coaching when you apply!

+This is just not the best time for me. Will you be running the content constellation again?

I really can't answer that. With family, and clients, and my own content constellation to put out into the world, not to mention my web show and day job, I can't make any promises. If you want to join us, join now! The universe is waiting for you!