It's Time to get your brand noticed in a universe full of noise!

clarify your message, captivate your potential clients, and connect with your community!


How Will You Ever Get Your Business To Shine In A Universe Filled With Noise?

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re great at what you do, but your brand isn't communicating your worth- it's time for an upgrade so people will take notice!
  • Your brand's message isn't clear and visitors to your site have no idea why they need what you offer- they're clicking away fast.
  • You're tired of working on all this brand, website, and marketing stuff. You just want to get back to what you love doing!

You’re Ready To Boldly Go Where No Brand Has Gone Before!

Picture this…

  • You feel confident charging higher rates, and people are lining up to pay them.
  • Competition- what competition? Your message is so clear and and your brand captivates and connects!
  • You aren't scrambling to find a brand and web designer designer, copywriter, and marketing strategist. No more overwhelm because everything is taken care of for you!

It’s time to book the Beyond Basic Brand Experience!

Ms. Paper Moon Branding and Website Design Services | Stephanie Owens

 set your brand apart and make clients feel like your offerings were made just for them!

Basic brand design services out there aren’t cutting it. Your brand needs more than a logo, some fonts, and a few colors.

And most marketing consultants don't help with your brand identity and website. You need to cut out all this overwhelm and have a one-stop shop!

If you want your clients and customers to take notice and spread your name around the galaxy because of how you made them feel and how you solved their problems, you’re going to love Paper Moon The Beyond Basic Brand Experience!


the beyond basic brand experience is your one-stop brand strategy, website design, and marketing solution!


A Clear Brand design that captivates

  • Clarify Your Brand Message
  • Visual Identity + Logo Design
  • Brand Style Guide



A custom Website that converts

  • Website Strategy & Design
  • Photography Strategy
  • Clear Copywriting

A marketing strategy that connects

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Generating Opt-Ins
  • Email Marketing Strategy

From website reviews, and full brand and website design, to monthly marketing and graphic design assistance, we'll come up with a solution that's perfect for your business' needs!

Because of Stephanie, the copy for my newsletters has resulted in more clicks back to my website and turned lurkers into clients. I’ve also been able to connect with my community on social media due to the marketing tips I’ve implemented from her. You won’t be disappointed with a consult with Stephanie. Working with her is a surefire way to get your brand noticed and you hired!
— LeAnn Conway | Conway Image Consulting

A DIY'd brand is costing you clients!

  • To take your business to the next level, you need a next level experience for your clients and customers.
  • You need a clear message that let's people know you're just the right solution for their problems.
  • You need to make the competition irrelevant.
  • You need the help of a brand experience designer to get you there!

And Piecing together a brand yourself will only get you so far!

  • There's the copy, and the website, and the graphics, and the digital marketing strategy. The more time you spend trying to wing it, the less money you're making.
  • If a premium client rolls up to your virtual pad and it’s looking like you slapped it together in an hour, they aren’t going to trust that you’re the person to help them with their needs.
  • And are you really sure all those fonts are working together? And those colors? How many more hours are you going to waste until they are "just right"?
With Stephanie’s branding help, I developed the visual direction and message for my company. I came away with a solid grip on what my client loved doing, what felt good and comforting, what appealed to them visually and was eye-opening! Working with Stephanie has paid for itself over and over again.
— Jen Pollard | Park Place Designs

If you want to create a clear brand that captivates and connects, you’re going to love the Beyond Basic Brand Experience!

this service is perfect for your creative business...


At the end of the Beyond Basic Brand Experience, you’ll be able to…

  • Have a design system in place so you can easily implement your brand style on your own and get back booking clients and selling your products.
  • Captivate potential clients and customers and make them feel like you are the perfect solution for their problems- check out all those client inquiries!
  • Charge top-dollar and have a brand that supports your pricing without shame.
  • Finally book that day at the spa because your time has miraculouslly been freed up! Your messaging, brand and website design, and marketing strategy is taken care of!

Who’s guiding you on this beyond basic brand experience?

Oh, hey! I’m Steph, and I’ve got a rockstar team in my corner when it comes to creating brands with impact.

We have a total of over 30 years experience creating brands, managing websites, and designing marketing materials. We’ll take on your brand design from every angle, from the visuals and photography, to the type of copy you use and the content you create.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What makes this service different than a traditional brand design?

Most brand designers will provide the basics (logo, font and color system, patterns) if you’re lucky. And you’ll either need to provide the clear direction or hand the reins over to them completely. And this doesn’t include strategy sessions for how to weave your brand into all client touch points, how to clarify your brand's message and copy so people fall in love with your offerings, a plan for working with photographers so your brand is cohesive, or any marketing campaigns. The Beyond Basic Brand Experience offers all of this depending on your business' needs!

+ Can I get the same results from a logo kit or hiring someone on Fiverr?

No. You will never be able to create a cohesive, memorable, rocketed-into-the-stratosphere brand that you need by patching something together from a logo template that just anyone can buy. You’ll never stand out using something available to everyone. And hiring a bargain-basement designer is only going to get you one result. A bargain-basement brand that attracts bargain-basement budgets. Plus, this doesn't even include any copywriting and brand clarity sessions.

+How much does the Beyond Basic Brand Experience Cost?

This completely depends upon what your business needs. We may decide to update and refine what you already have, design a complete new visual identity and website, or choose to focus on marketing campaigns and building your email list. Schedule a chat and we'll go over your goals and budget and we'll come up with a solution custom-tailored for you!

+ Does this service include copywriting and photography?

This depends upon the level of service you decide to invest in. Some of our brand solutions will provide strategy sessions on how to infuse your brand's message into your copy and brand photography, while others will include actual copywriting. Schedule a chat to discuss exactly what you need!

+ How long does the entire process take?

This depends entirely upon the level of service you decide to invest in. A brand review can take anywhere from one to two weeks to receive, while an entire brand design, copywriting, and web build-out could take upwards of 10-12 weeks.

+ Do you offer services for monthly marketing and website maintenance?

We sure do! Having a brand designed by the Paper Moon Studio makes you the perfect candidate for our monthly maintenance program so you can take your mind off of your website and marketing and focus on making money!