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stop worrying about your brand and website & finally get the answers you need to boost your SEO, clarify your marketing message, & captivate your ideal clients!


You're tired of fiddling around with your website without seeing any results!

Does this sound like you?

  • Nobody is finding your website- Google has no idea you even exist! It's floating out in space, all by its lonesome.
  • And if someone does happen upon you site, they're confused. What do you do again?
  • You've asked all of your friends on Facebook to take a look, and they all say the same thing- looks great! Totally not helpful!
  • You've been relying on social media for far too long to grow your business, and then along came the latest algorithm- the sneakiest bastard in the galaxy.

You Want More People To Land On Your Website And For Them To Absolutely Fall In Love- They Need What You Offer!

Imagine this…

  • Your website’s message is crystal clear- people know exactly what you do, why they need you, and how to work with you.
  • Your email list gets signups daily- people can’t wait for you to land in their inbox!
  • You and Google are the best of pals- your site is ranking higher by the day!
  • And your brand- spot on! Potential clients and customers have finally found what they're looking for!

it's time for you to book


have you ever asked yourself these questions?



  • How can I get people to stay on my site longer?

  • How can I make my site clear and easy to navigate?

  • How can I connect with clients and get them to buy?

  • How can I rank higher on Google?

You'll get customized answers to all of these questions and more with
The Brand Beam Up!


Here’s What You'll Get With The Brand Beam Up:

You’ll receive an list of actionable steps for your home page, one additional web page, and recommendations to improve your main social channel so you can stay organized with all of the to-do's that will get your message clear and your brand noticed in an organized way.
You’ll get a video with all of our recommendations on how to clarify your message so customers will take notice, make your website easy to use so people will buy, and improve your search engine results so people will find you and you can stop relying on social media! 
After you've worked on your action plan for a week we’ll schedule a one-hour video call so I can answer any questions you have about your action plan to make improving your online presence as simple as possible. (Cocktails are highly encouraged!) 

peace of mind that your marketing message is clear, your brand is captivating to your dream clients, and you're using the best strategies to connect with your community!


Your brand beam up investment:


the brand beam up summer session has launched on it's maiden voyage, but we'll be back this fall for more bookings! 

With Stephanie’s branding help, I developed the visual direction and message for my company. I came away with a solid grip on what my client loved doing, what felt good and comforting, what appealed to them visually and was eye-opening! Working with Stephanie has paid for itself over and over again.
— Jen Pollard | Park Place Designs

Your website is more important than social media.

  • I know you’ve heard social media is the way to go. But you don’t own your followers. You don’t own the app. They can lower your reach and make you disappear. Oh wait, they already have!
  • You own your website. You are in control of every decision. And you can do what it takes to clarify your message, captivate site visitors, and connect with your community with just some simple tweaks, and I’ll show you where to make them.
  • It’s time to stop fiddling. A Facebook live here, and new opt-in there. This is getting you nowhere! You need a strategic plan of action, and we’ll give you one!

who needs an online presence that captivates, connects and converts?


After Your brand beam up is Delivered, You’ll Be Able to…

  • Get more people to your site and stop relying on social media.
  • Thrill potential clients with an easy-to-use, clear website that is just what they've been looking for to solve their problem.
  • Eliminate social-media freak outs by communicating directly to people's inboxes. So long algorithm!

Who'll be guiding you through your brand beam up?

Oh, hey! I’m Steph, and I’ve got a rockstar team in my corner when it comes to ranking in search engines and creating clear and captivating brands.

With a total of over 10 years experience managing over ten websites, we know how to look at your brand from every angle: from the way your site looks, to back-end code that you'll never want to look at, and the words you choose to communicate, we’ve got you covered!


Frequently Asked Questions

+ The Brand Beam Up includes a review of my two web pages and a social channel. Can I add more?

You sure can! When you book your Brand Beam Up you'll be asked if you'd like to add additional pages and social channels reviewed for an additional $100 each.

+ What is brand messaging and why do I need to focus on it?

Your brand's message is everything! Your ideal clients have an internal struggle that they're facing and they need a solution. That is the core of your brand message. Everything you create, from your copy, to your tagline, and all of your visual branding materials should feed off of this brand message and a Brand Beam Up will help you clarify yours!

+ What is user experience and why is it important?

This is all about how visitors interact with your website. If it’s a hot mess, with broken links, too many choices, no clear calls to action, and a bunch of text on a screen, they’re going to bounce. You’ve got to make their experience easy and enjoyable- they’ve come to you with a problem and they need to know you can solve it!

+ Why do I need to optimize my website for email list building if I have a large social following?

Social media sucks! Maybe you’ve been banned. Maybe your engagement is down. Maybe you’ve dabbled with some ads. When you have an email list, you can build relationships, build your credibility, and be right there when people are ready to buy, just by checking their inbox. And we all check our inbox!

+ Can’t I have others in my industry give me feedback for free in a Facebook group?

Do you trust them? Do you know their track record with SEO and user and brand experience? Will they really take the time to dig deep into your code and check all of your links- leave no stone unturned? Would you do all of this work if someone you didn’t know asked for your help?

+ Will you guarantee that I’ll get more site traffic?

We guarantee that the action steps that you’ll get at the end of the Brand Beam Up are proven to succeed. But remember- this is a long game! Getting your site traffic up takes time.

+ What is Search Enging Optimization and why is it important?

SEO is all about getting noticed in Google searches (I call it Google Glitter) and with social media becoming more pay-to-play by the minute, ranking in search results is essential. The more your site is optimized in every possible way, the better!

+ This is a big investment for me. Any words of encouragement if this makes me nervous?

I know this is a big investment for you but that's a good thing! When I first started really investing in my business I was so scared- but I was also super determined to get my money's worth and go all in! Free advice will only get you so far, and there's nothing more motivating than having skin in the game!